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The sources of stress in modern-day life are seemingly infinite. From small everyday situation to major life-changing events, it can feel as if there is no escaping the constant pressure of the world around us. The persistent experience of stress has brought about the prevalence of anxiety. We know that from medical studies and reports that lifestyle-related illness is at a pandemic level and more and more people are becoming ill and sick.

Conventional medicine is on times a sticking plaster on a gaping wound. We need to treat the root cause of the issue and not the symptoms.

I believe that God made the earth, and he put everything on it for us to live a long, happy and healthy life. There are cures all around us and are in the very fabric of the ground under our feet.
Prevention and understanding are two of the biggest forms of cure, we all need to make better life changes and decisions about our body, mind, and soul.

The project and vision I have been shown will help us to truly connect with ourselves heal and put in place tools and techniques to live in such a fast-paced environment, this is where our spiritual college and wellbeing centre comes in.

The Whel Foundation has been created to help deliver this life-changing centre and it will become a world-renowned academy of learning, it will be a place of silence, it would be a place of knowledge love and help it will be a sanctuary for wellbeing, healing, education and importantly all underpinned by love.

The vision of our centre was shown to me in a dream and I have now secured the forest and land in the ancient town of Llantwit Major in South Wales. The project has been created as a, not for profit foundation and the trustees would own the entire sight and project.

Llantwit Major and the Whel Center location has so much history and has been inhabited for over 3000 years. The town’s name in Welsh, Llanilltud Fawr, is derived from the name of Saint Illtud, who came to the area from Brittany, Gaul.

He founded the monastery of Illtud and the college attached to it, Cor Tewdws, which would grow into one of the most esteemed Christian colleges of the times. At its peak, it attracted over 2000 students, including princes and numerous eminent clergymen, some now revered as saints, both St David and St Patrick spent time at the college.

Destroyed by the Vikings in 987, the monastery was rebuilt in 1111 and continued to be a centre of learning governed by Tewkesbury Abbey until it closed in 1539 during the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

The 13th-century St Illtyd’s Church is still there to this day, built near the ancient monastery, is today a Grade I listed building and one of the oldest parish churches in Wales.

The Celtic Stones above are in the collection at Llanilltud are important. They are virtually all that remains of the monastic Christian community that lived here 1500 years ago.

Phase 1 was to locate and secure the land of which I have done.

Phase 2 is to raise £10,000 to put together a master plan and a restoration forest project to bring the forest back to its former glory.
Completed November 2020

Phase 3 Engage with the local community and planning.
Start Jan 2021

Phase 4 Agree and deliver a round of funding to start the development enabling us to open for people to come on-site.
Start June 2021

Phase 5 Create a crowdfunding project to deliver the master plan in totality.
Start Jan 2021 Complete May 2021

Phase 6 Construction of the centre.
Start June 2021

Phase 7 Official opening.
March 2022

All the products on my site contribute to the overall project and a Whel fund is now in place of which you can make a donation or purchase one of the many products on the site.


The mindfulness breathing exercise is fundamentally important and as Julian teaches us, helps us more than we might think. Many thanks again to Julian for a straight forward, honest and deeply inspiring course!

Daniela VonArx

Julian, your meditations with your amazing voice is the best. It's hard for me to do guided meditations but not when it's Julian speaking. My heart is dancing with happiness over this course. Julian you are amazing!

Jennifer Hodgson

He is AMAZING! HIS COURSES ARE AMAZING! I have contacted him thru email and he has gone above and beyond to assist and guide me in my healing and knowledge! Not just information, he is KNOWLEDGE!

Laura Save