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I have helped over 9,000 people like yourself, live a happy, healthy, spiritual life with clarity and purpose.

Hello, I’m Julian. I am here to help you grow, both personally and spiritually, my methods and courses will empower you to live a spiritual life full of love, clarity and purpose.

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My Story

I have been with spirit all my life and my spiritual pathway has been clearly defined. I have been blessed by spirit and my calling and purpose are to help people along their spiritual journey with my mediumship, healing and teaching.

I achieve this through 40 years of experience, but more importantly through my connection with spirit. I know it can be a very lonely and confusing space and these blessings we have can feel like a burden.

My aim is to help lift the confusion, lack of understanding and self-confidence, ensuring people live their lives with spiritual clarity and purpose.

If you are starting along this pathway or have been with spirit for many years, let me help you to to fulfil your spiritual calling and turn what may seem to be a burden into a blessing help you and others.

Be Love & Give Love x


Let me help you develop spiritually

I offer both online courses and one to one guidance in spiritualism and mediumship. If you are looking to develop your spiritual pathway I can help you understand the foundations and also amplify your spiritual connection.

All of my courses are the highest rated and my spiritual one to one development sessions allow you to truly understand your spiritual pathway and enhance your journey.

Online Courses

I am truly blessed to be able to help people along their spiritual pathway. I now have eight online video courses on Udemy and I they are the highest rated courses in the Spirituality section. I now have over 2000 students in 65 different countries. If you would like to learn more about Mediumship, Psychic Attunement, Meditation and healing then my courses are for you.

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Spiritual Development

I offer one to one spiritual coaching sessions for you to get a much deeper understanding of where you are on your spiritual journey and how we can work to develop your connection with self and spirit further.
I will help you to build a true connection with your self and spirit. Sessions are 45 mins long and are delivered through video chat.

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“I believe a true connection with spirit can provide clarity and purpose.”

Julian Jenkins

“I’ve learned much through Julian’s courses, I highly recommend. I will take these skills with me the rest of my life. Thank you.”

Kathy Amen


I just started this course and I really love your passion and dedication in teaching us all how to develop use our gifts to help others. I am so eager to see what come up next in this course. Thank you so much

Silvana Laura Wallinger
The mindfulness breathing exercise is fundamentally important and as Julian teaches us, helps us more than we might think. Knowing yourself and being in touch with that deep inner soulseat can give us so much strength and confidence for everything we are embracing in life. Many thanks again to Julian for a straight forward, honest and deeply inspiring course!

Daniela VonArx
I started training with Julian and suddenly, after 35 years.. everything started to fall into place and make sense! There is no doubt in my mind why I was guided to Julian …. he is truly amazing.. so gifted… so passionate and has this unbelievable gift to make you feel like there is only you and him in the room… it feels like he is directly speaking to you! He works and speaks from the heart! I am so incredibly grateful for Julian and his teaching and guidance! If you are reading this you’ve also been guided to Julian!
So take the leap… I promise it’s something you won’t regret x

Alicia Noble

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